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Woodland Management


Complete woodland management service

Woodlando offers our customers a complete woodland management service to the woodland owner tailored according to individual needs. Whether it’s amenity or commercial woodland Woodlando is equally passionate about getting the best result for our clients as well as sustainable woodland management.

We will implement the woodland management plan using traditional skills such as coppicing, and sympathetic use of equipment, such as low ground pressure harvesters and forwarders.


Continuous cover forestry

This method is close to our hearts and one we practice as much as possible. By thinning/removing a mixture of small and large trees or unwanted species from the woodland canopy to allow more space and light into the wood. This woodland practice means that more ground flora has a chance to establish and so increases the biodiversity in the woodland. It will also allow the trees that are left to properly mature.

Managing a woodland in this way ensures we retain the woodland canopy and at no point clearfell any large areas. This should also reduce the need for restocking due to natural regeneration and allows you to keep the special feeling a mature woodland gives you. This technique can work especially well when returning commercial conifer plantations back to hardwood native woodlands.


Improvement of Woodland Biodiversity

Removing non native and invasive species from the wood, such as rhododendrons and laurel. Also creating wildlife rides and deadwood habitats for invertebrates and a variety of woodland fauna and flora.

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